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Your customers watch different content on different schedules, using different devices in different places. What they have in common is that they’re enjoying the best TV and digital video. We’re the bridge linking your brand to those audiences across screens and platforms, and building custom partnerships with the biggest names in entertainment to elevate your brand. Click here to take a virtual reality tour of our solutions.

male and female couple watching TV; male has his arm around female partner

TV Advertising

With an unparalleled ability to target by geography, network, program and daypart across 37 million homes, Comcast Media 360 drives brand awareness and engagement with custom-built media plans for each campaign. Our selection of 90-plus demographically focused networks ensure that advertisers reach the ideal audience in a brand-safe environment.

TV Advertising

Comcast Media 360 can deliver targeted advertising to customizable combinations from among hundreds of local advertising zones that index most highly against an advertiser’s audience profile. Advertising airs on a custom-developed cross-section of more than 90 demographically targeted networks based on each campaign’s objectives.

male and female couple sitting on a gray couch in a well lit room looking at a TV screen with network logos on it

Addressable TV Advertising

Addressable TV advertising delivers a message to specific groups of viewers at the household level during a single spot break, offering more precision and effectiveness.

male and female couple sitting on a couch; male is holding TV remote watching a football game; female is looking at her tablet screen
woman riding a city bus looking at her tablet screen

Digital Advertising

As consumers lead increasingly digital lives, brands have more opportunities to build one-to-one connections via high-visibility placements across popular sites and apps. Comcast Media 360 offers an array of options for engaging those consumers, including programmatic video and display opportunities on XFINITY.com.

Premium Digital TV

Comcast Media 360 places brands’ pre- and mid-roll messages in streaming video content on sites like XFINITY.com, XFINITYTV.com, WatchESPN.com and many others, as well as on the XFINITY Stream. For full list of premium video content sites, contact us!

a laptop, tv, tablet and mobile phone screen showing XFINITY, ESPN's website and A&Es website

Display Advertising

Display advertising offers a cost-effective, targeted solution for advertisers looking to extend their campaigns across screens.

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Video On Demand

Video on demand advertising offers compelling opportunities to reach viewers watching their favorite shows and movies on their schedules.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Comcast Media 360 offers an unmatched household addressable dynamic ad insertion platform. Timely messages are inserted at the beginning (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after video on demand programs (post-roll).

woman looking at her large TV screen full of movie choices listed under 'recommendations for you'

Branded Destinations

Branded destinations bring an advertiser's message to consumers 24x7.

Screen displaying an auto manufacturer with opportunity to request a brochure
woman sitting on her couch with remote pointed at the TV skimming through the channel guide

Guide Advertising

Viewers have more entertainment choices than ever. Comcast Media 360 offers solutions to build awareness and interest in new and returning programming, increasing the impact of tune-in advertising.

Guide Advertising

Guide advertising elegantly showcases programming options to viewers as they use the XFINITY's program guide.

black screen of a tv listings guide showing different networks and programming
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Harnessing Comcast’s unsurpassed cross-platform capabilities, Comcast Media 360 bolsters the performance of campaigns for entertainment and branded content.

Event and Award Show Partnerships

Co-branded messages across XFINITY video and digital platforms at the year’s hottest, most-watched events can exponentially increase a message’s impact.